Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Do not rush into purchasing a Gartner report!

Gartner really do not get it! I enjoyed Ken and Sheryl’s post over at Stardust and it prompted me to write. I think I can contribute a couple of points that I have not seen blogged elsewhere just now.

I usually have to wait two weeks for my 18 year old son to reply to my email. His presence on MSN nowadays is also erratic, but I know that I can get a near instantaneous reply via social sites like Myspace.

It is this generation that is now pouring out of higher education and into the workplace and of course they prefer to use the consumer web based tools because the work environments they are entering have been so slow to implement equivalent tools inside the firewall.

Another points is that the current workforce already finds that these tools are fun to use. How many companies can say that about their current CMS or KM tools?

I believe that by using tools like wikis, blogs and tagged person/skills finders, it is feasible now, for the first time, to do KM and as Euan Semple implies in his post, these things do not have to cost very much (perhaps lest than the cost of a few Gartner reports?).

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Ken said...

Thanks for the kind words Alek. I think you really point out one of the key areas I’ve been watching - the younger generation. Whether we’re talking about our kids at grade school age, or at college age (just entering the work force), the reality is they expect access to a certain set of social media tools and technologies. In order to attract them into the work force, employers are going to have to modify behavior in order to become a workplace young people will choose to work at. If they don’t they’re going to find it very difficult to hire the best and brightest.